No up front investment on inventory

Market the product before it really exists - Profesional realistic mockups are included

True production quality - not DTG or other "on demand" methods

Quick production and fulfillment lead times


Check out an example Catalyst crowdfunding / Hot Drop page here by clicking the button below.


Is a Hot Drop right for you...?

  1. Want to launch some new merch without up front investment on product?
  2. Like the idea of pre-selling merch, then shipping it all out at once?
  3. Not happy with the normal lead times or quality of "on demand production"?
  4. Worried about managing orders and floor space for shipping inventory?
  5. Looking for a quick and easy way to sell and distribute merch with a reliable partner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us to get started!

Optional Sales Channels

The choice is yours! Sell items on your own site, or direct your supporters to a Catalyst hosted page.

1. Sell them on your current online store

Add a Hot Drop product to your current store. Once the design is confirmed we can provide you with realistic mockups for the product page. Just let your customers know that the item is a pre-order and set the expectations right in terms of when the goods will ship.


2. Crowdfund using a Catalyst hosted page

Work with Catalyst to get your product out there. We can create a mini site at a custom subdomain so you can give people a direct link to your product online. These are clean and minimal simple sites that get right to the point. 


3. Have us create a store at your custom domain

Catalyst can work with you to find the best solution for a custom online store at your existing domain. These sites can be fully customized to suit your brand. Aside from Hot Drops they can also sell stocked merch.


4. Use any other other sales channel

Whether you are taking orders door to door to raise funds for a local charity or launching the next best Kickstarter campaign we can supply the product. Once we lock down your design and due date we can get you quotes based on various qty. The more you sell, the less they cost each!

Various Shipping / Fulfillment Options

We can direct ship to your customers with branded tracking or bulk ship to your standard distribution center

Fast Production Time

Catalyst Hot Drops can ship within as little as 24 hours from closing of order window

You Market the Product

We take care of the rest

Contact us to learn more!

*Catalyst Hotdrops are limited to clients who meet a certain criteria and may not be offered to all clients/brands